Albatros Oil Tanker


Labun, Malaysia 


Scanner Z+F Imager 5010C, Leica TCRA 1101 plus Total Station


2 person and 3 days on site (about 400 scan positions),
1  person about 7 days processing scan registration


Registered point cloud partly in RGB colours

Laser scanning and point cloud registration of the oil tanker

This unusual project was a decommissioned oil tanker situated on the island of Borne, Malaysia. Ultimately the tanker was going to be rebuilt as a heavy lifting vessel, essentially a tugboat for other ships or even oil platforms. The plans for the refit centred around the modernisation of the ballast pumping system in order to maximise efficiency. The scope of laser scanning covered the pump room, engine room and deck. Around 400 individual scan positions were recorded. The completion of the control was particularly challenging due to the fact the ship was still afloat and movement occurred. At 3Deling we have created our own bespoke process for undertaking control measurement in just these circumstances. The final product was a registered partially coloured point cloud. The delivered data was not only used to aid in design works for the modernisation but also to calculate the quantity of scrap metal to be removed.